Fouad WhatsApp APK Download v9.35 – Latest Version

Fouad WhatsApp APK Download

My topic today is Fouad WhatsApp, the most popular and most innovative communication platform. Fully encrypted messages and phone calls. There are many great features that are not available in the official WhatsApp messenger. This is why it is called the best mod for WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp app

Read the full article to learn more about the Fouad WhatsApp app. This article describes the amazing features, download and installation instructions, and more. So you will know how to install Fouad WhatsApp mod apk file using download link. If you have any questions about this app, you can ask me in the comments section.

Fouad WhatsApp mods

Fouad WhatsApp is one of the best and most used WhatsApp mods. This mod is mainly based on 3rd party YOWhatsApp. The app provides fully encrypted chat, so users can have privacy. Privacy features combined with DND mode, blocking and file sharing make the app great to use.

This is a free WhatsApp mod that offers many features. This application can be used like the original WhatsApp, but with many more advantages. In this mode, you can do many things that the official WhatsApp cannot do.

About Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp APK is an app created by a third-party developer called Fouad Mokdad. Today, WhatsApp has over 500 million active users because WhatsApp has amazing features not found in other messaging apps. If you are a regular WhatsApp user, you also know WhatsApp Mods. There are many WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp and similar Fouad WhatsApp APK. The Fouad WhatsApp version provides users with more special features. This WhatsApp mod is a very popular version that allows you to make voice and video calls with friends and family and send text messages, emoticons and voice messages. This developer regularly updates this app, creates new features and improves this version to provide the best user experience with every update.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Feature

Anti-Ban: You can download Fouad WhatsApp APK file without much effort. You can be sure of your safety as you will not be banned from using Fouad WhatsApp on your Android device.

Easy to use: Fouad WhatsApp APK is very easy to use. Like other WhatsApp mods, it can be used as a regular messaging app.

Customize your profile photo: You can choose a primary photo for your screen. In this sense, you have the background of the program. You can preview the styles in this section before applying them.

Send any type of files: Download fouad WhatsApp APK to send different media files to your contacts. With Fouad WhatsApp Download, you can easily send PDF files to your professional work without much effort.

Custom Profile Image: You can select the image you want to customize next to the bubble. Standard images can be set for all airbags, single, dual or all.

Send someone a message: In official WhatsApp, save the number before sending a message. In Fouad WhatsApp APK Download you can send messages to anyone who does not have a registered number.

Photo sharing: You can customize the image in the chat both inside and outside. Photos of the party can be placed both outside and inside.

Hide media files from phone library: When you download Fouad WhatsApp APK file on your Android device, you can hide media files from library. In this way, you can protect WhatsApp media files on your Android device.

Shadows: There will be lines between visits on the main screen. You can select the tab to highlight the drop shadow. You can change the date shadow on the home screen.

You can change the shadow of a pending message. You can refer to the shadows on the main screen. You can report shady content on the access screen.

Voice Memos: In this app you can edit your voice memos and play shadows. When you download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp, you can change the voice reminder playlist.

Various Emoji Packs: Fouad WhatsApp Download provides you emoji options. You can use these emoji options in your chat to make your chat screen more interesting.

Live preview of color changes: When you make any changes in Fouad WhatsApp, you will get a preview so that you can see your creativity on the main screen of Fouad WhatsApp module.

Send messages for forwarding: You can forward shadow-based messages and send them without a forwarding tag. When you send a forwarded message through official WhatsApp, the other party will immediately know that the message has been forwarded.

HD Image Sharing: Have you noticed that when you send images via WhatsApp, the image size is reduced. Download Fouad WhatsApp APK file to share your photos in original quality.

Call Blocker: This WhatsApp app has a built-in call blocker that allows you to receive calls.

Theme Store: Fouad Mokdad app offers you a theme store. Choose from the store and apply a given theme to make your app stand out. This will download and save the theme as a theme .zip file.

Azerbaijani: You can choose Azerbaijani. So, if you are from Azerbaijan, you can choose your native language and chat with your friends.

Alternative translation: There is an alternative translation of Portuguese in Brazil.

Arabic: Message content is available in Arabic. This means that if you belong to the United Arab Emirates country, you can easily use this app if you choose the Arabic language.

Hide Blue Markers: You can hide the blue markers if you accidentally read a message because sometimes we don't want to reply to a person but can't say it directly. This feature will come in handy if you accidentally open a message in this app.

Message Recovery: If someone sent you a message on regular WhatsApp and deleted it, you'll never know what the message was until you ask someone else who sent it. In this app, if someone deletes a message, you can still read it because the message won't be deleted for you.

View Deleted Status: You can't see someone's status on WhatsApp, but if you've deleted them, you won't be able to see their status. However, if you download the Fouad WhatsApp APK file, you can see all the status even if other users delete it.

App Lock: This app allows you to bypass password lock. You can now enable App Lock on WhatsApp to protect your conversations from others, so you can share your phone with anyone without hesitation.

Message Scheduler: Fouad mode allows you to set up a scheduler for your messages so that you are never late for your WhatsApp appointments.

Image Editing: The image is edited somewhere in the database. When sending photos to others, you are given the option to edit them before sending them to others.

Do Not Worry Mode: The app has a Do Not Worry mode, you could call it a Do Not Worry mode. So, if you are using another app and you do not want others to disturb you, please enable this feature to avoid receiving notifications from Fouad WhatsApp.

What's new in the latest version

  • The color of the retweet icon on the main screen.
  • The strips on the street are white.
  • Background color is on
  • You can download the material as a zip file.
  • HSV shading option.
  • You can copy the great new challenge.
  • A direct contact link has been added in the new version.
  • Customize notification icons and launchers.
  • You can assign aliases to participants.
  • You can change the WhatsApp background from the home screen.
  • For RTL dialects, FAB turns the phone sideways.
  • You can hide all media on the screen.
  • Fouad WhatsApp new version fixed all bugs.
  • You can choose a topic without prior preparation.
  • The overall pace of Fouad's fashion is better than the first episode.